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When not submitting Wall Street (though in recent times, Monstro has been on the opposite end of these submissions), Monstro can be found in 2 places: your local Cookie shop or on the mats of Gordo Jiu Jitus Los Angeles.   Monstro first found Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in June of 2006.  At first, his approach to BJJ was that of pure physical fitness and overall health, but over the years this has evolved into a passion for the art.  If you ever make Monstro angry, give him a cookie and you will be best friends.  Monstro currently teaches and trains at the Westside Training Center.

King Of Crazy (aka King Of Crazy Shit)

The King began training in the Chicago suburbs with a Pedro Sauer affiliate, moved to Minnesota where he received his blue belt under Greg Nelson, moved again to Los Angeles where he lives at an undislosed location, teaching and training at Westside Training Center.  The Kings turn-ons include hello kitty and rolling around on mats with sweaty men.  Turn offs are limited to the country of Argentina.

Pulling The Line

The King & Monstro decided to pool their ignorance, and start a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blog in the summer of 2010. The name of our blog comes from an old expression "to pull the line" (aka lead warmups).