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Encyopedia of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Techniques

I've been kicking around implementing a web-based encyclopedia of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu moves/techniques for a long time. I spent hundreds of hours on my first attempt, and made a lot of great progress when the hosting company I was working with deleted my web site (long, tragic, and boring story). It took me years to get over the loss enough to give it another shot. Many people do not create a single web site their entire lives, let alone create the single most important web site in the history of the Internet only to have it deleted by the ravings maniacs of

I'm mostly over it now, and think I have a few ideas to make it even more awesome, but I would love to receive some feedback. My vision is to have a place where anyone with Internet access can go to look up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques. This place will have the techniques organized so they are easy to find. If I am consistently getting lost in bottom turtle guard, I can look up bottom turtle guard techniques quickly and easily. The techniques themselves will combine written descriptions with pictures and videos. Some of the content will be self generated, and some of the content will come from other web sites. Just as techniques are constantly evolving, the web-based techniques will be constantly evolving as well. If this kind of thing doesn't interest you, then why not, and also, what the hell is your problem you can leave right now and never come back to this web site because your not welcome here anymore.

For the rest of you, I'd love to hear some feedback, check out an example here.

This is an excellent idea.

This is an excellent idea. Breathing techniques while one rolls would be nice.