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New Kids on The Block

New white belts have been cycling into the academy, and a week ago, I was paired with one during the beginner class.  It seemed like he had been attending classes for maybe a month or two, but I didn’t even know his name, and in all seriousness, it’s up to white belts to introduce themselves to me (bearing gifts), and not the other way around.  There’s nothing worse than a petulant white belt.  A note to all you greenhorns out there.  Higher belts (i.e. purple and above) need love, respect, and tokens of grattitude. 
I started from bottom side control, and something immediately felt wrong.  This guy was not leaving me any space to move, his weight was solid on top of me, and he was controlling me extremely well.  I felt…pinned.  
Who is this guy?” I thought to myself, “I know it feels like I’ve been getting worse these days, but how in the hell is this brand new white belt controlling me so well?”
I eventually escaped after a weird scramble (rather than using one of my awesome side control escapes), and then when it was my turn on top, I was doing really well until we got into another weird scramble, and he escaped.
Afterwards, I asked him if he had made a pact with the devil, or had trained somewhere else in which everyone is a white belt forever.
“Oh, I have a wrestling background,” he said modestly.
“High school?  College?”  I asked (hoping that he would say "College")
“College.”  He replied.  (Sweet)
“D1?  D2?  D3?” I asked.  (Please say D1!  Please say D1!)
“D1,” he replied.  (Whew)
“Yes,” I thought to myself, “you do indeed have a wrestling background.”