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Nihil Novi Sub Sole

If you train BJJ long enough, you will most likely stumble upon, and “invent” a new technique that you have never seen before.  Odds are, you are not a pioneer of the sport, your last name is not Gracie, you live on the third (rather than the tenth) planet, and you have “invented” a move that has existed since the golden age of grappling when men fought in the nude.  While you could always claim the technique as your own, name it the Hello Kitty, and tell everyone you know that you invented it, BJJ etiquette demands that you at least conduct a cursory online search before writing your new book and touring the world conducting seminars.

A couple weeks back, Monstro discovered a cool back take, refined it, and while none of the black belts at the academy had ever seen it before, assumed that the technique belonged to someone else.  After some research, Monstro found the technique on YouTube being taught by Eduardo "Teta" Rios.

What is the difference between invention and discovery?  There are certain techniques that logically follow, and there is no doubt in my mind that people have (re)discovered them hundreds of times.  For example, Lloyd Irvin’s “mousetrap” makes sense to anyone that knows the Americana and the Kimura, and has attempted these techniques from side control.  I highly doubt that Professor Irwin was the first BJJ player to figure this out, and I highly doubt, even for his penchant for self promotion, that he would claim to be the “inventor.” Other techniques are unquestionably more innovative and creative, and regardless of who put the BJJ puzzle pieces together first, kudos to everyone who figured it out.

So, while in my mind, it was “Monstro’s Back Take Counter ‘aka Steal the Cookie’…” for a couple of weeks, it will be filed away as the generic “Back Take Counter.”  You can watch both Monstro and Teta teach the move here.