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Substitute Teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

What follows is the actual transcript of a series of text messages between me and my first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor, Napolean, who introduced me to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.):

Me:  Just finished teaching my first class.

Napoleon:  Howd [sic] it go

Me:  OK, but I have a lot to learn

Napoleon:  Try to call at least one student a dumbfuck each class.  That way they know how they are doing.  Students like the intructors [sic] feedback.  Just like slaves or prisoners.

Me:  If there is one thing I learned from your teaching method is that students learn best when they are ridiculed

Napoleon:  And spat upon…

Me:  I prefer to go number three on them, but I have a lot to learn

Napoleon:  WTF is number 3?

Captain Caveman is out of town for a week, and he asked me to take over his classes - three gi and two no gi.  The classes are very small, but it has been a great opportunity to practice articulating techniques, and has been a lot of fun.  For my first class, I taught the most basic sweep in the book - The Scissors Sweep.  For my second gi class, I taught a couple of techniques from the sit up series - the Sit Up Sweep and the Sit Up Sweep to the Gullotine.  I had a few visitors from our sister school show up in support which was really cool.

Speaking of which, congratulations to Monstro and Wildcat on their engagement.  Their children will submit us all.