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On Throttling the Hell Out of Someone

Next to leading warm ups, tapping people out is my favorite part of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  It's better than an ace in tennis, a home run in baseball, hitting the sliotar under crossbar in hurling, or receiving perfect 10s from all the judges in ballroom dancing (while looking fabulous doing so).  It is total pwnage.  Another human being submits to you.  They surrender power to you.  They are forced to acknowledge your superiority, if only for the sparring session that just took place.  I do not have much of a will to power, but I can't deny that I love to submit people.

Captain Caveman took Q&A on Saturday, and I asked for a badass choke from side mount.  CC obliged by teaching a gi wrap choke.  Since learning the choke, I've got two subs in training with it, and the thought occured to me, both times, that as much fun as any submission is, there is a particular thrill in throttling the hell out of someone with a collar choke.  It is probably the closest thing a civilized human being can do to killing someone else without injurying them.  Your hands are at your opponent's throat, their face is turning red, they are making gargling noises, and blood flow to their brain has been clamped shut.  In spite of the fact that they can end it at any moment, they are literally dying in your hands.  To continue with the choke and ignore the tap would be to murder your opponent.

And this is what we do for fun.  But damn, we're some messed up people!